Sunday, July 7, 2013

Piece-of-Cake Devil's Food Pancakes

Not only is this momma Not Granola, I'm no Betty Crocker, either. I like easy recipes that taste great. I don't raise my own chickens, I don't grow my own vegetables, I don't butcher my own cattle. I just don't. Sorry to disappoint.

One of the problems that we've been having around here is repetition. Jericho finds things he likes, and we wear them out in a hurry. Breakfast foods have been something of a struggle for us. Jericho can't have most boxed cereals or Pop-Tarts when we're short on time in the morning. I like to make things a head of time and microwave them for a quick breakfast (add "not a morning person" to the list of my shortcomings). After making a huge batch of breakfast burritos recently, he was worn out on those. Today, I got prepared to make a batch of pancakes and remembered that when he stared this diet, we'd already worn those out. I searched the cupboards for anything that I might be able to use to spruce up his normal breakfast...

Enter our latest creation - Devil's Food Pancakes. The easiest, most sinfully delicious recipe you've had... pretty much ever.

- 2 cups dry pancake mix (I use Krusteaz)
- 1 1/2 cup Devil's Food dry cake mix
- 2 cups water (this makes cakey pancakes, add more water for thinner pancakes)

Blend and cook on the griddle.

Is this the healthiest thing your kid is gonna eat all day? Nope. But it has comparatively less sugar than regular pancakes with syrup. Regular syrup has 29 grams of sugar in 1/4 of a cup. I don't know about you, but my kids use way more than 1/4 of a cup on their pancakes. The cake mix, in comparison, has 19 grams of sugar in 1/3 cup of mix. A box of cake mix has 12 servings, with 19 grams of sugar per serving, that's 228 grams of sugar in the box, I made 30 pancakes so that's 7.6 grams in each pancake (give or take). Way less sugar than regular pancakes drenched in syrup! And, obviously, dye free.